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Deciding on what to study at university is something you want to get right as it will set the course for the rest of your life. Choosing a subject that truly interests you is vitally important, opportunity follows passion and life is just a lot more enjoyable when you’re doing what you love. At the same time however, there are practical considerations to take into account and what jobs for English majors are available seems to be question asked a lot online.

A degree in English will provide you with numerous skills and plenty of options when it comes to finding work. Broad skills that are useful in a range of occupations are common in people with English degrees. English majors are often articulate and able to structure thoughts and words effectively. They have a creative mind and can assimilate and interpret large amounts of information well. After English is a great site for helping to determine what matters most to you as an English major and gives ideas and resources on finding the right direction after graduation along with suggestions for jobs for English majors.

Jobs for English Majors While studying a more specific subject, such as dentistry tends to lead down one set path, an English graduate has a broader range of jobs options. These days, with careers spanning many jobs and even industries, having a wide range of transferable skills is definitely an advantage. Jobs in journalism, publishing, copywriting are all good options. Work with marketing and PR firms are also good choices and with the growth of the internet online content is increasingly in demand.

Teaching has always been a popular choice for those with a degree in English. These days, with the economy being in the condition it is, a lot of people are choosing to take their skills abroad and teach English overseas for a year or two. Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) is a great opportunity to get paid work almost anywhere in world, usually with housing and flights paid for by the school. Not only does it allow you to experience a new country and culture but you will also be putting your English skills into action in a way that has a really positive impact on your students’ lives. Many TEFL teachers find that they can make significant savings throughout their time teaching abroad while still having enough disposable income to really enjoy their time.

Private language training centers, such as Wall Street Institute focus on teaching young professionals who need English for their jobs. Class sizes are kept small and the focus is on using a communicative teaching style, quite different from lectures given by professors. This video gives a good introduction to what a typical day at a language school in Saudi Arabia is like for the students.

Wall Street Institute in Saudi Arabia is now holding interviews for new teachers and applications can be submitted here. They require applicants to have a degree in English and be from a native English speaking country. All the necessary training and support is given on arrival along with paid flights, a housing allowance, insurance, work visa, paid holidays and a transport allowance.

Another option for teaching abroad, where being an English major is also a requirement, is Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. Made up of 13,000 islands Indonesia has a tropical climate, pristine beaches wonderful food and a fascinating culture. This video gives insight into the types of students you can expect to be teaching at Wall Street Institute in Indonesia

Teaching jobs in Indonesia are available year round for English teachers who have graduated with an English degree from a native English speaking country and who have a TEFL certificate and some teaching experience. Applications can be made here, following which more details will be provided and a Skype interview to discuss things further can be arranged. If you are in search of jobs for English majors, these two examples both provide an excellent opportunity for rewarding, well paid work.

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