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Pros and Cons for using a Recruitment Company to Teach English Abroad

For many people, the concept of teaching English abroad is that you simply head out to the country, show off your English prowess, and land a job. As awesome as that would be, let me tell you from experience that this is not how it works! In reality, most people will look to use a [...]

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Work in China – 4 Alternatives to Teaching for Foreigners. But which is best?

We’ve all fancied a fresh start every now and again, but you’re actually brave enough to do something about it. That sets you apart. You’re looking at what you can do for a living if you should choose to move to China, and you’re confronted with the same thing time and time again: [...]

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8 Great Activities for Primary School Classrooms

My husband and I teach at a public primary school in Shenzhen, China. While the children are adorable and hilarious, teaching English to little kids can be challenging for several reasons. First, they have an overwhelming amount of energy. Second, they have short attention spans. The younger they are, the more often we [...]

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