Download our free Chinese food menu

One of the best things about living in China is the cheap and delicious food everywhere. Chinese menus often contain pages and pages of dishes but they are usually only in Chinese, which can take a long time to learn. That’s why we created a Chinese food menu with Chinese characters, pinyin and English translation to help you get started with all that yummy food.

  • 22 popular meat, fish and vegetable dishes
  • Drinks & utensils
  • Useful phrases for the restaurant
  • Chinese characters + pinyin with tones + English
  • Foldable pocket version to carry with you & A4 version for your wall
  • Free for download

Pocket Chinese Menu

Download and print this pocket Chinese food menu and the instructions for making it. Carry it with you for use in Chinese restaurants.

Pocket Chinese Menu – Download & Print

Pocket Chinese Menu – Instructions

A4 Chinese Menu

Download and print this A4 Chinese food menu and pin it up on the notice board of your teachers’ room or at home. Keep a digital copy on your computer and phone too.

Chinese Menu A4 – Download & Print