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“Gold Star TEFL Recruitment conducted themselves with professionalism and consideration at all times. They made the process of applying to various schools across China seamless. Even when positions became available they didn’t pressure me in any way to take them. They wanted to make sure that I made the right decision that best suited me.”
Luke Bosworth
“I first came across Gold Star TEFL in early 2013 when I was looking for teaching jobs in China and I could tell from the start that Gold Star was different from all the others in a positive way: very professional and very resourceful. I soon signed for my first job in Shijiazhuang.

This summer Gold Star helped me again find a job in Shanghai, I’m now teaching university students Monday to Friday.”

Paula Marcu
“I searched the web for some agencies and websites that could help me and Gold Star really stood out! They helped me with my application and gave me a variety of cities to choose from. The most helpful factor was the contacts they keep with the teachers they have placed. I was able to contact some teachers already in the schools and cities I was interested in and really helped make my decision an easy one.”
Matt Fletcher
“Gold Star were fantastic. My recruiter, Jessica, was professional, helpful and in constant correspondence with me. This company is highly recommended for serious teachers looking for a great job in China, 5 stars!”
Thomas Caley