How to Build Up a Social Network when You’re New to Shanghai (or China)

Moving to a new place is about 50% excitement and 50% anxiousness under the best of circumstances.  When you don’t know anyone that anxiety can really take off and make it hard to enjoy a new place. This was the case for me when I moved to Shanghai - I arrived not knowing anyone other than [...]

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Avoiding Controversy and Stimulating Debate in the Classroom

  Some teachers love to teach children. I dread it. A lot. I’m not saying that children are not lovely, but I have the misfortune of being a person who gets bored extremely easily. Couple that with bad knees and a bad back, and it just isn’t for me. So, I’ve spent the 14 years [...]

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Update on Wuhan coronavirus 2019-nCoV for ESL Teachers in China

6th Feb: "China has applied for a new patent on an experimental Gilead Sciences Inc. drug that its scientists believe might fight the coronavirus." Bloomberg Time 4th Feb: "WHO chief says widespread travel bans not needed to beat virus." China Daily Article below last updated 13th February Updates on the Coronavirus from Schools in China [...]

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