Updates on when the China border will reopen for ESL teachers

Last updated: 4th August 2020 On 28th March 2020 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in China made the decision to temporarily close the borders to nearly all foreigners, even those with existing work visas and resident permits at the time, in an attempt to control the spread of COVID-19. Any visa that was issued before [...]

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Money Talks: The ESL Teacher Quality of Life

The primary reason most ESL teachers approach a career in China - or overseas in general - is travel, and the broadening of one’s horizons. However, that’s not to say that there aren’t other opportunities to improve one’s quality of life in other ways. Financially, a career in ESL can also be very rewarding. While [...]

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Pros and Cons for using a Recruitment Company to Teach English Abroad

For many people, the concept of teaching English abroad is that you simply head out to the country, show off your English prowess, and land a job. As awesome as that would be, let me tell you from experience that this is not how it works! In reality, most people will look to use a [...]

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