Comparing Teaching in America with Teaching in China

At its core, teaching will be the same regardless of where you are. Your primary goal as an educator is to transfer knowledge to your students in the most effective ways possible. However, effective methods of pedagogy are relative to many factors, including students’ ages, class sizes, classroom management, and certainly [...]

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Useful Things to Have in Your Kindergarten Classroom

Kids learn primarily by play, and independent play is particularly important to their development. Play helps children develop their fine motor skills, learn how to navigate the world, and explore their environment. The kindergarten classroom should be full of stimulating things that they can play with, touch, look, at, and engage [...]

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4 Reward Systems to Help Your Chinese Students Behave

Behavior management is a necessary evil when teaching. In China, it’s especially important. Many Chinese children don’t take you as seriously as they take their Chinese teachers, because you don’t speak or look like locals. You need to step up your management skills if you want your classes to run smoothly. [...]

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