4 Questions to Ask Your Chinese Co-Teachers

Every expat’s teaching situation is different. However, if you teach at a public school in China, you likely won’t teach the same students every day. For example, let’s say Grade 4 is split into 6 classes. You’ll probably only teach each class one day per week. Or, depending on how [...]

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4 Speaking and Listening Games for ESL Students of Any Age

Do you struggle to get your students to speak up in class? Whether you have shy students or totally rambunctious ones, it can be really frustrating when your class doesn’t participate. Speaking and listening games are a great way to break the ice and [...]

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Teaching Topics Throughout the School Year

While teaching English as a Foreign Language in China or other Asian countries, you will be expected to help your students learn to conversationally discuss a wide variety of topics. Before I came to China to begin my work as an EFL teacher, I felt comfortable about the teaching [...]

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