Into the Unknown: A Crash Course in Online Teaching

We're going to have to move online. We had heard the rumours and feared the worst, but many of us had hoped it would all blow over – that this was all a flash in the pan; a fuss over nothing. That was not, however, the case. In the first week of February 2020, the [...]

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Avoiding Controversy and Stimulating Debate in the Classroom

  Some teachers love to teach children. I dread it. A lot. I’m not saying that children are not lovely, but I have the misfortune of being a person who gets bored extremely easily. Couple that with bad knees and a bad back, and it just isn’t for me. So, I’ve spent the 14 years [...]

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The Pros and Cons of Teaching in China

Every job has its pros and cons. Even thrilling ones in faraway countries! It’s helpful to know the good and bad of teaching in China before you board your international flight. This way, you’ll be more prepared to face the realities. Here’s what you can expect as [...]

2019-11-06T09:28:22+00:00November 6th, 2019|Articles, Teaching|2 Comments
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