Life in China

Transitioning Into Life on the Other Side of the World

Moving from the United States to China is about as drastic of a move as possible, at least in terms of distance. Every aspect of your life endures a necessary transition as you adjust to your new home. From trivial to significant matters and everything in between, there will certainly be some [...]

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The 4 Best Winter Destinations in China

Most people dream of tropical cruises and sunny resorts come wintertime, and if you don’t like the snow you’ll find numerous places in and around China to travel to (or live in) to escape winter. However, it’s worth taking advantage of China’s winter wonderlands at least to see the glory that Chinese [...]

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Navigating the Chinese Supermarket

Anytime I go to a new city, I find a supermarket to scope out. Supermarkets reveal the soul of a city: what its people eat, how they shop, how they interact with their cashiers. Is the atmosphere quiet or bustling? Is everything plastic wrapped and perfectly arranged, like a museum [...]

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