Advice for TEFL Newcomers, From a TEFL Newcomer

Teaching your students is the first priority Many foreign language teachers choose to pursue the career as a feasible means of satisfying their traveling dreams. While there is nothing wrong with that idea in theory, it can prove to be too big of a distraction if not properly focused. [...]

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Classroom Management and Discipline in China

What is “classroom management?” Classroom management is a teacher’s ability to deliver his/her lesson effectively and facilitate the instruction while simultaneously maintaining the students’ behavior. It is a critical component of creating a successful and comfortable learning environment in any classroom and especially in an EFL classroom. Consider the conductor in [...]

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The All-in-One Guide to TPR (Total Physical Response)

Have you just started teaching? Or perhaps you’re on your way to completing a TEFL course? You’re probably hearing a lot about total physical response, or TPR, which might leave you wondering what exactly it even is. In this article we’re going to break down what exactly TPR is, and give you [...]

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