How to Rock Your First Day of Teaching

So you’ve pulled the trigger and decided to teach in China. You’ve hopped on a plane, signed a contract, and gotten settled in your new apartment. You’ve probably also gone to teacher orientation, sat in on a class or two, and made a lesson plan for your first class. Congratulations! But what [...]

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Five Culturally Shocking Things to Get Ready for Before You Go to China

You regularly buy Chinese food, love kungfu movies, and now, with so many jobs supposedly going to China, its time to pack your bags, hop on a plane and go live where you truly belong. Before you get so excited about all the Kung fu films, hear me out: My name [...]

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Why You Should Learn Chinese in Shanghai

There is no better opportunity to learn a new language than when you are immersed in it and surrounded by the language. Shanghai is an international city but there are still many situations where knowing some Chinese can be more than advantageous. I remember first arriving and being so [...]

2018-09-05T07:12:49+00:00September 5th, 2018|Articles, Learning Chinese|0 Comments
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