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5 Ways to Learn Mandarin Chinese in China

You might think you can cruise through your year in China simply by speaking English and pointing. And you’re right. You can get by this way. But I promise your life will be significantly more difficult if you don’t speak a lick of Mandarin Chinese. My [...]

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Why You Should Learn Chinese in Shanghai

There is no better opportunity to learn a new language than when you are immersed in it and surrounded by the language. Shanghai is an international city but there are still many situations where knowing some Chinese can be more than advantageous. I remember first arriving and being so [...]

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Four Great Free Apps for Learning Mandarin Chinese

One of the most daunting issues to overcome when living in China is the dreaded language barrier. Sometimes, trying to express the simplest of things can be exhausting if both parties can barely squeak out a basic sentence in each other’s mother tongues. But now, there’s hope! Modern technology has greatly enhanced [...]

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