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Winter Course Activities

So this week saw the start of winter courses for our school. This is one of the busiest times of the year where our current students will come everyday throughout the holidays to attend a special course and fun activities. As my role of Life Club Coordinator it was up to me to design and create some exciting activities for the kids. After drawing some ideas up with the other teachers we decided to do four activities. One being a movie club, which simply put is a movie night where the kids come and watch an English movie with Chinese subtitles and are pre taught some of the content. The second was for our youngest students. They would design and create animal masks, learn the vocabulary and then learn the song “Old MacDonald Had a Farm“. The kids loved this.

image Another activity created was a more craft based for the middle-aged groups we have. Their goal was to come up with and create different images using western and Chinese culture to decorate our school. There were many, many interesting pictures that cropped up and some very colorful ones that are now used to decorate one of the corridors in the school. The final activity I created was at first going to be the most difficult. This activity is for our teenagers; you know the type we’ve all been there. 13 to 14 years of age, not wanting to do anything but burrow away in our rooms playing on computers or just doing our thing. This activity needed to be fun but also leave enough room for the students to be able to create things freely. So I decided to take one of our T.V shows from the U.K and do it in the school. The first EF “Ready, Steady, Cook” was born.

Let the Cooking Begin

So the day came for the students to take part in the activity. The Chef Station was ready. An abundance of laminated red tomato’s and green peppers lined the room. Bowls of random ingredients were placed on the counters and the kids were clueless. Once the game was explained to them they were cheered with excitement. We split them into 4 groups. 2 of the groups would cook first and the other 2 would taste and vote for the winning team (red tomato or green pepper).

There were only 2 rules that the students had to follow. image_2 They had to finish cooking in 20 minutes and they had to use ALL the ingredients. The ingredients (just to paint the picture) consisted of 2 chicken breasts, 1 green pepper, 3 tomato’s, 1 potato, 1 carton of milk, 1 chocolate bar, 1 banana, 2 eggs and 1 onion. Yes I know what you’re thinking… quite a mix of ingredients for them all to be used. Now students could use them all in one dish or make different dishes. The creativity that came out of the kids was a joy to watch and very, very funny indeed. Tomato’s turned into drinking cups full of milk. Banana boats were made, along with a baked potato, baked in ermmm egg?

All the teams had a great time playing the game and were all very competitive. The great thing was to see that these teenagers were all having a good time whilst working as part of a team, which is what the main objective of this activity was. Whether or not they learnt how to cook was a different story though and by the looks of some of the dishes they’re best leaving it to their parents to make.

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