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My ESL career started with all my plans spinning out of control, I was heading out to the world looking for my calling and at the time I believed that to be marketing for automotive manufacturers.

At this point in my life I thought I knew three things about myself. I wanted to work with cars, I was driven to do that come hell or high-water, and I was going to do it all in Australia. I was wrong on all three counts. In my quest for opportunities in the automotive world I ended up in Thailand and when all my plans fell through the floor I took a step to my back up plan, a TEFL certificate.

It took me 3 years teaching English in Thailand to realize that I wanted to forge a career in international education. I knew that there were organizations with clear career tracks, benefits and options out there, but my posting at the time was not one of them.

The Search

Then came the search. Looking for and finding a good school to work for is not as easy as I expected. Not if you’re as stubborn as I was. I had simple requirements really – I wanted a visa, medical aid, and a career track. My search started in Bangkok and ended here where I am sitting today in Tianjin, China. It took more than 30 walk-ins, hundreds of emails and dozens of rejected offers from as many schools.

First Contact

EF first contacted me on August 7th 2015, in a fashion that was the very height of professionalism and efficiency. I can only describe the feeling as akin to bungee jumping, I experienced a surge of adrenalin as I punched out my reply. The efficiency at which things happened was incredible. I was in the system before my first interview, by the end of my second interview I had my visa documentation. The package outline was perfect and my research brought up exactly what was outlined. Some looking into EF revealed nothing but the perfect ESL organization to work for. I signed.


Never in my life had I dreamed about coming to China, not even for holiday. Actually arriving in China blew my mind. China is so much more than I expected. I arrived on October 19th 2015, just over 2 months from my first contact from EF and someone was at the airport waiting for me. Landing in Beijing I had a 2 hour transfer to Tianjin but I was dropped off in provided accommodation, asked if I required a phone for the time being given internet access and fully informed about the next steps. After a day of rest I was taken to my school and introduced to an amazing team. All visa expenses and medical check costs were reimbursed immediately and my onboarding began.

2 Years Later

I am writing this account almost exactly 2 years after my arrival, already moving up my career ladder and planning my engagement to my Chinese partner. Furthering my education through EF. On the cusp of managing my own academic team. Has it been without hiccups? No long term plan survives the real world completely intact but EF Tianjin has played an integral part in much of my personal growth, and it continues to do so. Professional development never stops and there are so many opportunities to grasp.

My Final Thoughts

If you know that you are driven to a better future, if you want to experience growth like you have not imagined, unrivaled opportunity and a world of possibilities EF Tianjin is the place for you. We are at the cutting edge of educational innovation, not just in ESL but in the concept of international education. We pursuit our goal with relentless passion and every day we open the world through education.


EF Tianjin

New teaching jobs in China interviewing now, apply today!

About the Author:

Jean-Rueben Durand
Rueben started in ESL in 2012 from a marketing background and most of my 3 years in Thailand teaching in Bangkok. Now he is teaching in Tianjin, China. " I feel fulfilled by my job and I find it much easier to lead a well-balanced life. We’re always working towards our next achievement. "
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