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5 Ways Students Benefit from Qualitative Art Education

We all perceive the importance of art in education, don’t we? On the other hand, the cost matters still can squeeze studies in visual arts, music, dancing, cinema and theatre out the school [...]

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How to Be a Modern Educator and Not Just a Teacher

Have you ever thought about the great role a teacher has in everyone’s life? It would be impossible for us to expand our knowledge, skills, and points of view without great teachers. Now, [...]

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The Importance of Public Libraries for English Language Learning

With the American population becoming ever diverse, many second language learners find themselves faced with the daunting task of identifying the right methods. For individuals whose primary language is English, it is often [...]

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4 Simple Steps to Develop Listening Skills of Young Learners

There was time when kids eagerly looked forward to their daily bedtime-story ritual. As a doting grandparent or aunt reads the tiny tot would silently listen, spell-bound by the narrative. Unbeknownst to the [...]

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Career Advice: 10 Most Common Interview Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

Job interviews are like first dates: Good impressions count; Awkwardness can occur; Outcomes are unpredictable. Your palms tend to get sweaty and you clam up. Or you get self-conscious and start talking non-stop [...]

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Why I Like Teaching Teenagers

Teenagers: They can be moody, constantly tired and at times, difficult to motivate. I can’t think why, as my experiences with them have been positive so far (and that’s probably why I like [...]

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6 Cleverly Wicked Ways of Teaching English

A single online search is enough for you to understand that English teachers are needed all over the world. You have plenty of opportunities to travel, help people learn English, make a living, [...]

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Behavior Management

As a new teacher, one of the hardest aspects of teaching in a younger classroom is dealing with behavior management. Some people can natural detect, diffuse, and deal with a problem within the [...]

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7 Strong Writing Skills You Should Teach Graduate Students

At the graduate school level, students are expected to have a certain level of writing skills. However, many students need a reminder of skills, and others are just developing them. While the necessary [...]

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The Gifts and Curse of Colons in Writing

Colon is a punctuation mark often used when introducing a list or series of items. There are two ways to use this: horizontally and vertically. Horizontal use of colons includes bullets, numbers, and [...]

By | November 30th, 2016|Articles|0 Comments
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