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So You’ve Decided To Teach ESL…What To Do Next!

The choice for aspiring ESL teachers is larger than ever and for some this is great news, but for many it presents a challenge…which school is right for me? Let’s face it, whether you’ve travelled abroad or not, a year commitment in a foreign country without knowing anyone or what its like [...]

2018-05-24T08:52:52+00:00December 9th, 2015|Articles, Job Search|2 Comments

The Curious Case of “The Invisible Teacher”

Imagine you have just given instructions to your learners, and instead of sticking around to monitor behavior and conduct, you decide to simply leave them to it. What would you imagine to happen? Perhaps a ‘Lord of the Flies-esque’ scenario of anarchy and pandemonium whereby only the strongest 8 year old survives? [...]

2018-05-24T08:53:00+00:00February 7th, 2014|Articles, Teaching|0 Comments

Promoting Cognitive Development in ESL Lessons

Too often we are asked the question at EF; what separates us from other ESL schools? A quick and easy answer would be that in our ESL lessons we don’t dismiss or even short cut past the development of crucial cognitive skills. Cognitive development (CD) skills include, but aren’t limited to; • [...]

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Updates on COVID-19 & China border reopening