Edward Buultjens

About Edward Buultjens

Edward's passion is in adult learning, training and education with experiences both in corporate and the ESL industry. In his free time, he enjoys exploring his region, connecting with new ideas, discovering new music and staying active by running or hiking. He currently lives in Guangzhou, China and is a huge advocate for dim sum, Cantonese cuisine and learning the Chinese language.

Flipping Classrooms

The word 'change' is on the tip of everyone's tongue. Living in Guangzhou, I am witnessing this first-hand. Business models are evolving and people are adopting new methods to satisfy previously expected productivity levels. Exercise classes are now via group conference call, home delivery has been revalued as an essential public service, and eLearning as [...]

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Travel in Uncertain Times

The journey began in Busan, South Korea - my intended travel destination for the Chinese New Year. What I discovered was a delicious collection of cute coffee shops, art galleries, ancient temples on coasts, and scenic terrain throughout the country. Haedong Yonggungsa Temple, Busan But my glacial wandering was soon accompanied by whispers of a [...]

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