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In my honeymoon phase with Shanghai, a city filled with beautiful contradictions. South African lawyer who is thoroughly enjoying teaching English as a means to escape seriousness for a bit. Lover of gin cocktails; a good book; museums; and sleeping in.

Why You Should Learn Chinese in Shanghai

There is no better opportunity to learn a new language than when you are immersed in it and surrounded by the language. Shanghai is an international city but there are still many situations where knowing some Chinese can be more than advantageous. I remember first arriving and being so [...]

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Study Anything and Teach English – What?

A breakdown on why you don’t need teaching experience Teaching English as a gap year (potentially years!) seems to be an ever growing trendy choice. Of course, it would be amazing to live in a country that is completely different to what you know but what about the job part of it, [...]

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Updates on COVID-19 & China border reopening