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Teach English to Adults in China

Wall Street English, formally known as Wall Street Institute, is the premier provider of English instruction for adult students in China and around the world. Our innovative Wall Street English Method integrates the best of proven teaching approaches to provide the most effective English language education available for adults. Students listen, read, write, speak, and practice English under the tutelage of qualified native English speaking ESL teachers. The Wall Street English jobs in China give you the opportunity to teach English in China to motivated adult students in modern centers located in 11 metropolitan cities.

With over 40 years of experience, Wall Street English has provided instruction to over 2 million students with a current enrollment of 160,000 students. We have over 400 centers in 27 countries and over 60 centers in China so if you are looking for ESL jobs in China teaching adult students why not teach where your creativity will be valued and your teaching will make a real difference.

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Wall Street English StudentsWall Street English centers offer a modern and friendly environment for adult students to learn English with the focus on developing communication skills in a natural and authentic context. You will find highly motivated students who have invested in learning English to improve their personal and/or professional lives. Our students range from 17 to around 80 years old, although most students are between 25 and 35 years of age.

The Courses

Standard Classes

At Wall Street English, class sizes are kept small, to an average of 3 students per class, which helps ensure real progress is made by all and allows for easy classroom management and an enjoyable environment for teaching English in China.

Lessons are made up of a variety of ESL teaching materials and are designed to be engaging and communicative. Professional TEFL teachers guide students through both controlled practice and authentic conversation activities. All the lesson materials are already in place, so minimal lesson planning is required.

Social Club

Wall Street English Social Club

Teachers also run sessions with more of a social focus, designed to further give students the opportunity to use their language in a natural setting, while having fun at the same time. Topics are limited only by your imagination and can be anything from baking cookies to speed dating.

Professional development

You will not only be teaching in China, but also developing your own skill sets and competencies throughout your time with Wall Street English (formally known as Wall Street Institute). Teacher training and support is central to our company culture and through workshops, seminars and class observations you will be constantly expanding the teaching methods at your disposal. Time is devoted to idea and experience sharing so you always have fresh ideas to work with at Wall Street English.

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