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ESL Jobs in Wenzhou

Our language school in Wenzhou, China is now holding interviews for dedicated, passionate young learner teachers looking to take their next step up in their teaching career. Established 12 years ago we boast 3 language schools, 2 in the vibrant city of Wenzhou and 1 in the nearby city of Rui’an, both in Zhejiang province on the east coast of China, not far south of Shanghai.

We employ a multicultural teaching team of 12 foreign teachers and 12 local teachers with a British Director of Studies in charge of academic support and training. Students are aged from 3 to 16 years old. Our school offers excellent facilities including comfortable and function classrooms, equipped with interactive whiteboards, projectors and air-conditioners. Classrooms allow for a variety of interactions including open class activities as well as 3 – 4 small table-based groups.

Classes are designed to be communicative, encouraging students to develop reading, writing, speaking and listening with a focus on maximizing student talk time and confidence in communicating in English. Classes vary in length from 40 minutes to 2 hours (with a break) depending on the time of week and age of students.

Testimonials from current teachers

“Wenzhou is a city that has undergone, and continues to undergo, a rapid process of modernisation; it is not as large or as international a city as nearby Shanghai, but foreign influence is becoming more and more integrated into the city’s culture. I enjoy the closeness of the foreign community, with some of whom I play football with once a week as well as play music with in local bars.

I most enjoy the challenge of teaching English as a second language; conducting classes entirely in the target language, combining different methods and ideologies of teaching in order to make an exciting and engaging class for young learners.”

Teach English in Wenzhou

Wenzhou is located on the east coast of China, south of Shanghai. It is renowned all over China as a prosperous city because of its strong trade ties internationally. Because of this, the city is in a way a lot more developed than most of China. This city is growing very fast with a nice climate all year round. Wenzhou has a lot to offer for everyone and can be an exciting place to live in.

Wenzhou is surrounded mostly by wetlands and this gives a unique opportunity to appreciate nature, and bird-watching in particular. The wetlands have quite a number of small islands in it where some of them are joined together by bridges while others are only accessible by boat.

A small island called “Island in the Heart of the River” can be found in the northern part of Wenzhou. It is a well-known attraction for tourists because of the ancient temples and pagodas that are to be seen there. Aged over a thousand years old, the pagodas attract a great number of visitors. The island also has a museum mainly devoted to the history of Zhejiang province.


Main Responsibilities

-Teaching hours of 10 – 20 hours per week maximum
-Lesson planning
-Check students’ homework, quizzes and written work
-Provide reports on students’ performance to parents and the school staff
-Make good use of our extensive course materials and technology in the classroom
-Take part in marketing activities and assist in the placement testing and interviewing of new students
-Attend weekly trainings and joint trainings


-Excellent salary: 8,500 RMB per month (after tax)
-Additional 25 RMB for every hour of class time (average of 1,000 RMB per month)
-Flight allowance provided: 9,000 RMB (half after 6 months, half after 12 months)
-Overtime pay: 50 – 70 RMB (overtime hours are agreed by the teacher and the school)
-Legal ‘Z’ work visa
-12 days public holidays plus 10 days extra paid holidays
-Insurance provided
-Free Mandarin classes
-Staff trips
-Contract re-signing bonus
-On-going professional training and academic support


– Bachelor’s degree preferred (candidates with teaching experience may not need a degree)
-TEFL certificate required (No TEFL? – We recommend INTESOL)
-Native English speakers preferred but non-native candidates with good qualifications and experience are welcome to apply
-Teaching experience preferred
-Creative, patient and passionate in teaching young learners
-Professional and culturally aware

There are no costs whatsoever for the entire recruitment process.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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