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International Educational Organization in Taiwan

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Program Highlights

-Excellent salary: 620 – 680 NTD per hour
-Well established schools across Taiwan
-On-going training and academic support
-Health and accident insurance provided

The Job

Our International Educational Organization is recruiting patient, flexible, enthusiastic and energetic English teachers to teach in Taiwan. Founded in 1983, our company has grown to over 60,000 students through our various programs and employs more than 600 native-speaking English teachers. This remarkable success has established us as the largest private English educational organization in Taiwan today.

Our Education Organization has established an invaluable role in the Taiwanese community as an educational institute. As we constantly expand, the future gets brighter and brighter each day. Putting our success aside, what really makes this organization so special is its people. We employ dynamic staff from Taiwan and around the world. Our mission is to perpetually create educational opportunities to improve the capability and well-being of the people in the school.

Our students are aged 3-16 years old. We provided excellent local teachers to assist native English teachers during the class. We have a range of excellent classes to suit every student’s background and age. We provide American curriculum programs using books such as Tree House and Step Ahead. We also offer Overseas Studies programs to encourage the students to expand their horizons and explore the bigger world out there.

Taipei – The City

Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan which is located in the Pacific Ocean only 120 miles from Mainland China and 360 miles northeast of Hong Kong. Taiwan has a population of over 23 million people which consist of Han, Chinese, Taiwanese and nine different aboriginal groups. Mandarin is the primary language spoken in the city. Taipei is in the northern part of the island with 2.6 million inhabitants. It serves as Taiwan’s financial, cultural and governmental center.

Taipei has so much to offer with its hilltop retreats, historical treasures or high-rise skyscrapers. Take a tour on top of Taipei 101, one of the Seven New Wonders of the World and the second tallest building in the planet. Also, don’t miss the chance to visit the National Palace Museum, one of the best museums and contains some of the most priceless relics in the world. Its extraordinary displays and ancient treasures are definitely worth the tour.

Shop for high-tech gadgets in computer markets or find low-tech items in one of the many night markets in Taipei. For most tourists, the night markets are what the Taipei experience is all about. They are popular for snacks and drinks sold in street carts and individual stalls hawking clothing and consumer goods.

Main Responsibilities

-Minimum of 20 hours teaching per week
-Average of 26 hours per week teaching
-Lesson planning
-Conduct tests on the phone with students
-Teach Creative Writing and Art
-Attend school activities and training meetings inside and outside the school
-Decorate windows and classrooms


Excellent salary: 620 – 680NTD per hour (depending on experience and qualifications)
-Increase ceiling rate from 750 to 800NTD per hour
-Teaching duties stipend: 3,000NTD per month for classroom preparation work (e.g. for meetings, trainings, class preparation, etc.)
-Contract renewal bonus: 1st year resigning bonus of 10,000NTD / 2nd year completion bonus of 15,000NTD / 3rd year completion bonus of 20,000NTD / 4th year and beyond completion bonus of 30,000NTD
-On-going training and academic support
-7 days unpaid sick leave and 14 days unpaid vacation
-1 month of contract renewal extended leave (after 1st year)
-On-going training and support from head teacher and area manager
-Free housing in the initial 10-day training period
-Assistance in finding suitable accommodation
-Earn a TEFL certificate after completing Hess’ initial and follow-up trainings and first year of practicum teaching
-Hess sponsored residence visa and work permit
-National health insurance coverage (cost approx. 300-500 NTD per month)
-Optional interest-free setup loan up to 30,000 NTD (paid back over 6 months)
-Partnership with National Taiwan University’s world-renowned Mandarin Training Center
-Flexible Mandarin courses offered online in real time with certified professor


-Bachelor’s degree in any discipline (or an Associate degree with TEFL/TESOL certificate) (No TEFL? – We recommend INTESOL)
-Native English speaker from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or Ireland
-Teaching experience preferred but not required
-One-year commitment
-Clean criminal record check
-Patient, flexible and full of enthusiasm

There are no costs whatsoever for the entire recruitment process.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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