English Language School in Kunming & Dali

ESL Jobs in Kunming & Dali

We are now holding interviews for English teachers to join our school in Kunming. We focus on teaching engaging, communicative English language classes to young learner students aged from 3 to 14 years old with some adult classes too.

We were established in 1977. Since that time it has grown to more than 350 schools in five countries. Our focus has always been on providing quality lessons to students, young and old alike. We recognize that good lessons require good teachers therefore we provide excellent training, ongoing development as well as opportunities for promotion and advancement.

Our school has staffs of fully-trained ESL teachers, all of which are native English speakers, hailing from the United States, the UK, Canada and South Africa. They are ably assisted by the dedicated support staff of local Chinese Teaching Assistants.

The average working week consists primarily of afternoon and evening classes Wednesday to Friday and then morning and afternoon classes on the weekend, with Monday and Tuesday free to relax or explore.


Courses are designed around a core of set texts and supplementary materials. Teachers are encouraged to use a communicative approach to teaching and to add their own extra resources and ideas to bring variety to the learning environment. All new teachers undergo 2 weeks of Initial Training, introducing our curriculum and our teaching methodology. After this, we provide on-going training and valuable feedback on your classes, making sure nobody is left in the dark to struggle with a class. Chinese Teaching Assistants are in the class with us at all times, and are there to help with any complicated subjects or difficult students.

Teach English in Kunming

Kunming, the modern capital city and transportation hub of China’s southern Yunnan province, has a large student population and a temperate year-round climate. Bridges and pavilions cross the islands of Cui Hu (Green Lake), a park designed in the 17th century. Nearby is Yuantong Si. A temple founded by Buddhists in the 8th century, it features a statue hall and a pond with an ornate stone bridge.

Kunming is known in China as the “City of Eternal Spring”. The air is also quite clean compared to many Chinese cities, but the population of the prefecture is closing on 10 million and the city is expanding rapidly, with modern buildings and numerous highways emitting their fair share of air pollution. In addition to its own charms, Kunming also serves as a hub from which to explore Yunnan Province.

Teach English in Dali

Dali is formerly known as Tali, is the county-level seat of the Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture in northwestern Yunnan. Dali City is administered through 12 township-level districts, two of which are also commonly referred to as Dali.

Dali is a city of great antiquity, beckons lots of foreigners in any season and is always a tempting destination for those interested in exploring fascinating natural scenery and the area’s considerable historical and cultural heritage. It is renowned as a land of wonders, both natural and manmade, inspiring many a great appetite for its beauty.

Yuxi star

Main Responsibilities

-Maximum of 20 teaching hours per week
-Maximum of 4 admin hours per week
-Lesson planning
-Interview and place new students
-Maximum of 14 students with in-house teaching (some teachers have outside location teaching for 2 hours a week where classes can go up to 50)


-Excellent salary package: 15,000 to 17,000 RMB per month (housing allowance is included)
-Excellent salary package: Minimum 19,000 RMB per month for managers (housing allowance is included)
-Flight bonus of 5000RMB at the end of the contract
-End of Contract bonus of 3000RMB at the end of the contract for first year teachers
-Airport pick up and 3 – 5 days hotel provided whilst teachers find suitable accommodation
-Two consecutive days off per week
-Legal ‘Z’ work visa provided
-Accident insurance provided
-27 days of paid annual leave including national holidays for the first year of contract
-On-going training and academic support
-Promotion opportunities within the Shane network globally


-Native English speaker from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or Ireland
-Bachelor’s degree
-120 hours TEFL certificate required (preferred if you have 2 years teaching exp) (No TEFL? – We recommend INTESOL www.GoldStarTeachers.com/INTESOL)
-2 years of teaching experience preferred (new teachers are also welcome to apply)
-At least 21 years old
-Genuine desire to work with young learners

There are no costs whatsoever for the entire recruitment process.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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