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Public Middle & Primary School in Weifang

Program Highlights

-Excellent salary: 15,000 to 17,000 RMB per month plus benefits
-Free accommodation provided
-Teach on a Monday to Friday schedule with evenings & weekends off
-Friendly, supportive teaching environment with excellent materials

The Job

We are now holding interviews for English teachers to teach at our public primary and middle schools in the exciting city of Weifang. If you are a dynamic teacher, have an interest in an authentic Chinese school setting and can deliver learner centered, engaging lessons then we are interested in speaking with you.

Teachers use the communicative approach to language teaching with various student interactions encouraged, such as group work, pair work, role plays, project work as well as more traditional teaching methods to add variety to the classes and help create a fun and relaxed learning environment.

All new teachers will receive training on arrival and will be introduced to the school and teaching methods. Teaching materials and resources are provided by the school and are targeted to the age of the students being taught. Materials follow the Chinese national school curriculum and focus on developing all four skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing. Teachers are encouraged to adapt and supplement the materials where need be to ensure classes are engaging and interesting. Classes are held during the day time from Monday to Friday, with a maximum of 20 teaching hours per week, so you have evenings and weekends off.

Teach English in Weifang

Weifang is located in the center of Shandong province in between Jinan to the West and Qingdao to the East. It is 4 hours away from Beijing, 1 hour from Qingdao by train. Weifang is known as “Kite Capital of the World”, Weifang and its fresh winds are well known throughout the province.

Besides kites, Weifang, like many other Chinese cities, is forever under the constructor’s crane with new buildings popping up seemingly overnight. Modern and new but still retaining its old-school charm, Weifang is a unique place to witness the “real China” (or the new China) where the past meets the future in an endless array of complete contradiction and awe-inspiring moments that truly is the essence of the People’s Republic of China.

Weifang has a certain characteristic in its exceptionally wide and straight boulevards that make out a chess pattern for many kilometers, resembling some American cities and perhaps also Beijing. However, the boulevards are much too wide for its number of vehicles so they very rarely get too crowded. Traffic jams are most uncommon and, due to the city’s flatness, one can sometimes look down a 10-lane boulevard stretching to the horizon without a single car on it.

Tianjin star

Main Responsibilities
-Maximum of 25 teaching hours per week
-No office hours
-Monday to Friday classes with evenings and weekends off
-Class size: around 20 students
-Student ages: 7 to 15 years old
-Deliver learner centered, engaging lessons to students
-Ensure equal participation of all students
-Complete all administrative tasks in a timely manner
-Actively participate in professional development workshops and activities
-Attend school activities, parties and other events

-Excellent salary: 15,000 to 17,000 RMB per month
-Free Accommodation and lunch
-Airport pickup
-Up to 8,000 RMB flight allowance
-All national holidays (full pay) plus 1 month winter vacation (half pay)
-Legal Z work visa provided and assistance with all the visa paperwork
-Social and business insurance provided
-Dedicated office staff to facilitate life in China and communication with school
-Bank, phone card and rental assistance provided
-Teacher training and professional development provided
-Company events and parties throughout the year
-Part time opportunities
-Promotion opportunities


-Native English speaker from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or Ireland
-Bachelor’s degree or above
-120 hour TEFL certificate OR 2 years post grad work experience OR Education related degree
(No TEFL? – We recommend INTESOL)
-Professional, enthusiastic, culturally aware

There are no costs whatsoever for the entire recruitment process.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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