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Public American High School Program in Jinan

Program Highlights

-Excellent salary: 10,000 to 15,000 RMB per month
-Free, off-campus accommodation provided by the school
-Monday through Friday schedule with weekends off
-Well designed American curriculum and AP programs

ESL Jobs in Jinan

We are actively recruiting an English Language Teacher for our American High School Program in Jinan, Shandong province. Our mission is to bridge elite western universities with high-performing Chinese high school students aged 16 to 18 years old. To achieve that, we seek professional teachers who are serious about helping young minds reach their dreams! Teach genuinely motivated students with access to a professional support team and a quality of life that allows plenty of time for your own personal development.

Your responsibility includes teaching oral English and vocabulary, delivering lectures on foreign culture and working as a pre-contest guide. Contest includes the following types: National English Proficiency Competition for Middle School Students / National English Innovation Competition / 21st Century Spoken English Contest / Creative Composition Contest of Peking University Peiwen Cup / “FLTRP CUP” National English Debating Competition.

Work as a high school English language teacher here in China and kick off on your international career! The content of our courses are tentative and will be adjusted separately according to the needs of the school. The maximum working hours per week will not exceed 25 teaching hours, so you will have sufficient time to explore the amazing country.

Teach English in Jinan

Jinan, the capital of eastern China’s Shandong province, is a sprawling city known for its many natural springs, most prominent being the park-enclosed Baotu Spring. Near the city center, expansive Daming Lake has landscaped islands and parkland with temples and pavilions. The modern Shandong Museum displays a huge collection of provincial artifacts, spanning the Neolithic Longshan culture to the Ming dynasty.

Jinan is a famous city with mountains, springs, rivers, lakes and ancient cultural relics perfectly combined as one.It has long been famous as “the Spring City”. With a history of over 4,000 years, Jinan is very rich in historical relics, including the site of the Shun (an ancient tribe leader) culture of the 3rd century BC, the Great Wall section of the State of Qi, the Simen Stone Pagoda built in the Sui Dynasty, and the painted sculpture of Arhat in Lingyan Temple which was built in the Song Dynasty(960-1279).

Main Responsibilities

-Provide relevant information and materials as required by the school
-Complete school teaching hours and submit attendance sheets
-Teaching should be organized in strict accordance with relevant requirements
-Prepare lessons carefully, write and submit the syllabus, teaching plan, and other teaching materials on time
-Strengthen students’ attendance and class management, arrange and review homework carefully, examination paper and grade registration as required, and fully complete the work requirements of extracurricular activities.


-Excellent monthly Salary: 10,000 to 15,000 RMB based on experience and qualifications
-Free, fully-furnished, off-campus apartment provided by the school
-Arrival 5 day hotel allowance provided
-International round-trip airfare reimbursement (processed within the first 30 days after arrival)
-Visa reimbursement (include authentication fees and medical check)
-Work permit and residence permit sponsorship
-Health insurance provided
-All Chinese national holidays plus 5 days paid sick leave
-Annual salary increase
-On-going program supervision
-Opportunities for professional development


-Bachelor’s degree or above required
-120-Hour TEFL certificate preferred (required if past working experience cannot be documented. No TEFL? – We recommend INTESOL www.GoldStarTeachers.com/INTESOL)
-Native English speaker from USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand
-2 years’ teaching experience required
-No criminal record
-Energetic, friendly and hard-working
-Cross cultural awareness
-Must be able to relocate to Jinan ASAP

There are no costs whatsoever for the entire recruitment process.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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