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Private School in Beijing

Program Highlights

-Excellent monthly salary: 19,800 RMB to 24,200 RMB plus lots of benefits
-Live and teach in the vibrant capital city of Beijing
-Long summer & winter vacations
-Teach private school students

Kindergarten Jobs in Beijing

Our school is now looking for dedicated and energetic English teachers to teach at our kindergarten in Beijing. We are focused private school serving students aged 3 to 6 years old.

Our school was originally founded in 2005, and over the years the school’s reputation grew along with enrollment demands as we expanded to include students nationwide. We have a total teaching staff of over 360 that serve over 1,350 students from Pre-K to Grade 12 in both English and Chinese tracks.

The school has always been at the forefront in China for educational and cutting-edge instructional strategies. We implement the latest educational practices while utilizing modern facilities and a highly trained team of foreign and Chinese administrators, teachers and staff.

Our uniqueness is centered in our philosophy and approach to education, namely, a very strong emphasis on providing a holistic bilingual and bicultural education to the Chinese students who attend our school. While it may sound like a cliché, the school genuinely has a very family feel about it. This is highlighted by the way we care for not only the children but also each other. If you truly want to experience China and the pleasure of teaching Chinese students in an international setting, then joining us will no doubt be an extraordinary life experience and career for you.

Teach English in Beijing

Beijing, capital of the People’s Republic of China, is the nation’s political, economic, cultural, educational and international trade and communication center. Located in northern China, close to the port city of Tianjin and partially surrounded by Hebei province, Beijing continues to be an exciting place for all things music, fashion and art with plenty of events and shows to attend.

There is a thriving expat community in Beijing, with the Sanlitun area being a popular destination for both expats and trendy locals to mix and mingle over drinks. One of the most important landmarks in the city is Tiananmen Square. This is the world’s largest public square and a must see for all visitors from abroad and from other places in China.

Main Responsibilities

-Monday to Friday schedule (7:45 to 16:30) with lunch breaks (weekends off)
-Maximum of 15 teaching hours per week (45 minutes per class)
-Maximum of 20 admin hours per week
-Teach kindergarten students aged 3 to 6 years old
-Work on curriculum development, which includes preparing effective diverse lesson units based on the kindergarten’s curriculum formats
-Design authentic assessments and measure their effectiveness in meeting curricular goals
-Promote our school values of Character, Confidence, Health and Joy
-Maintain and update timely student records including grading (homework, evaluation books, progress reports, report cards, student attendance, and other required documents)
-Work closely with parents/homeroom teachers through providing feedback on progress, answering questions, and being an educational partner where possible
-Take an active role in required meetings (departmental; age level; committees, faculty; etc.)
-Assist with additional duties as assigned
-Demonstrate commitment to integrated education at the kindergarten level including innovations and best practices
-Flexible in adapting to a multi-cultural environment with kindergarten community members


-Excellent base salary: 19,800 RMB per month (degree with certification and experience)
-Excellent base salary: 22,000 RMB per month (Master’s degree, certification and experience)
-Excellent base salary: 24,200 RMB per month (administrator with PhD degree, State certification and experience)
-Responsibility Stipend: 1,200 – 2,000 RMB per month (will only be paid during the 9 months when the school is in session)
-One round trip ticket for employee and each family member (one-time only and reimbursed within the first year of on boarding)
-Relocation allowance from overseas: 6,000 RMB per single and 12,000 RMB per family (one-time only per employment)
-Relocation allowance from mainland China: 3,000 RMB per single and 6,000 RMB per family (one-time only per employment)
-Home visit travel allowance: additional 12,000 RMB per year to subsidise for travel (paid 1,000 RMB monthly)
-On campus housing or subsidized housing provided (dependent on availability)
-Legal ‘Z’ work visa provided
-Paid winter & summer holidays + national statutory holidays’ arrangement which will change according to the government plan
-Personal leave: 2.5 days per semester and 5 days per school year (unused days can be cashed)
-Marriage leave: 10 calendar days
-Health insurance: worldwide coverage based on nationalities (up to 100% direct billing at many Beijing hospitals)
-Long term disability insurance, Life insurance and Catastrophic Health Insurance provided
-Annual salary raise for all employees
-Subsidized children’s tuition policy subject to annual review


-Bachelor’s degree or above
-Native English speakers from 39 English speaking countries or regions – SEE LIST BELOW
-120 hour TEFL certificate required
-Teaching experience is preferred but not required
-Willing to sign a 2 year contract
-Professional, dynamic and culturally aware
-Good mental and physical health and clean criminal record

We can consider applicants from the following English-speaking Countries and Regions:

1. Anguilla
2. Antigua and Barbuda
3. Ascension
4. Australia
5. Bahamas
6. Barbados
7. Bermuda
8. British Antarctic Territory
9. British Cayman Islands
10. British Indian Ocean Territory
11. British Virgin Islands
12. Canada
13. Cyprus of Cyprus and British region of de Cilia
14. Dominican
15. Gibraltar
16. Grenada
17. Guernsey, England
18. Guyana(Original English Guiana)
19. Ireland
20. Isle of Man (British Irish Sea Territory)
21. Jamaica
22. Jersey
23. Montserrat
24. New Zealand
25. Pitcairn Islands
26. Saint Helena
27. Saint Kitts and Nevis
28. Saint Lucia
29. Singapore
30. South Africa
31. South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands
32. St Vincent
33. The Frank Islands (Malvinas Islands)
34. Trinidad and Tobago
35. Tristan da Cunha Grp.
36. Turks and Caicos Islands
37. United Kingdom
38. United States
39. Vincent and the Grenadines

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