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Program Highlights
-Monthly package worth 14 – 18,000 RMB (2,200 – 2,800 USD) per month – details below
-Modern, spacious school with interactive whiteboards
-Innovative, truly engaging curriculum and course materials

The Job
TEXSiA Immersion Subject English is a transparently managed, high quality, full service training center in Shekou, Shenzhen providing native English-speaking instructors for delivery of all in-classroom course content.We currently employ 6 foreign teachers and are now holding interviews for more English language teachers to join our team.

Students are aged from 4 to 15 years old with a maximum of 12 students per class. Nothing captures the imagination more than a great story. TEXSiA combines the art of Comic Book and Graphic Novel storytelling with breakthrough language learning methodologies, curriculum, and innovative technology to inspire learners’ passion for English. We empower teachers with the best collection of curriculum available from our education partners, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, BOLDPRINT (Rubicon) Pearson, and others.
We’re passionately dedicated to using materials and methods that ensure every learner’s success. Too many bright children fail to reach their highest potential because of boring classroom delivery of traditional curriculum that fails to develop a love of reading and a consequent love of learning. With all the research available to educators today, there is simply no excuse for that.
We provide:
– an immersive approach to language acquisition, with students acquiring English in the same way that native speakers do.
– subject-based learning (teaching through language arts, social science, science, math) allows our students to improve their English while studying academic subjects.
– interactive software and technology (interactive white boards in every classroom) that engage and motivate students, and make the classroom a student-centric environment.
– project-based learning and group activities that foster communication skills and address higher order of thinking – performing meaningful tasks using English as the target language.
– leadership training programs that promote social and life skills, fostering students’ ability to plan and perform tasks with confidence.
With on-premises American management, we provide unwavering professional support, on-going and rigorous academic training, and a scintillatingly stimulating work environment.

Shenzhen – The City
Shenzhen is located in the southern portion of theGuangdong Province, on the eastern shore of the Pearl River Delta. Neighboring the Pearl River Delta and Hong Kong (located just south of Shenzhen), Shenzhen’s location gives it a geographical advantage for economic development. Shenzhen is considered as one of the richest cities in the country which offers foreigners a great insight into contemporary China.

From a small fishing village 30 years ago, Shenzhen has turned into a city filled with dynamic energy and on its way to becoming a world-class metropolis. Shenzhen is also known for its famous architecture, bars, restaurants, art scenes and shopping areas.

For more information on the city of Shenzhen have a look at these sites:
 Shenzhen star

Main Responsibilities
-Maximum 24 hours teaching per week and 16 admin hours
-Deliver classes with energy and enthusiasm, using immersive learning techniques such as story-telling, singing, dialogue and role playing in combination with formal exercises.
-Communicate with learners in an engaging, age-appropriate way, ensuring that language learning is both effective and fun.
-Measure progress and educational results through the delivery of formal and informal assessments and progress reports.
-Partner closely with Chinese Support Staff to maintain strong relationships with parents, ensuring high level of program engagement and outstanding service.
-Contribute to the Center’s success by leading engaging demonstrations of TEXSiA lessons for potential learners and their parents.
-Prepare print materials, technology and supplemental materials prior to the start of each lesson.
-Deliver private lessons as required, due to learner absences or for learners that are falling behind.
-Contribute to overall Center success by ensuring consistently high learner renewal rates, through the delivery of great service and measurable learner progress.
-Excellent salary: 14,000 – 18,000 RMB per month (depending on qualifications and experience)
-Flight allowance: 7,000 – 10,000 RMB paid half after 6 months, half after 12 months
-Company health insurance provided
-11 days national holidays plus 10 paid personal holidays
-Legal ‘Z’ work visa provided
-10,000 RMB loan on arrival if required
-Professional pre-job training with on-going teacher training and support

-Bachelor’s degree
-TEFL certificate (No TEFL? – We recommend INTESOL www.GoldStarTeachers.com/INTESOL)
-Native English speaker from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or Ireland
-Teaching experience preferred
-A passion for educating young learners and a keen interest in their development
-Ability to command the attention of large groups of children in an engaging and compelling manner
-Energetic, enthusiastic, animated approach to storytelling and delivering content to learners
-Ability to thrive in a fast paced, high-change work environment
-Customer-service oriented with creative problem solving skills

There are no costs whatsoever for the entire recruitment process.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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