INTESOL 190 hour Online Course in TESOL / TEFL

With Teaching Practice – ALAP Accredited – Level 5

The INTESOL 190 hour course is fully accredited by ALAP and comes with comprehensive course materials and full support from a qualified tutor. You can study from wherever you are in the world and you have the flexibility to move through the course at your pace. This course will provide you with a solid foundation in teaching theory and methodology along with practical and useful teaching skills essential for delivering engaging English classes.

You will learn about lesson planning, presenting new language, classroom management, using teaching materials, different teaching techniques, phonetics, grammar, error correction and much more.

Also included in the course is a 7 day observed teaching practice component held either in one of our language schools around the world or in a virtual classroom online. The teaching practice involves observing experienced teachers and then planning and delivering your own lessons to real students.

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Course Summary

– Fully accredited course

– Affordable and in-depth course including a good balance of teaching theory and methodology

– Comprehensive course in teaching English – lesson planning, classroom management, error correction, communicative
activities, explaining grammar, using visual aids, teaching reading and a lot more

– Includes observed teaching practice to real students

– Equivalent to CELTA/ Trinity qualification

– Free Games & Lessons pack

– Access to our job seekers services



To enroll in this course you need to have fluent English, a good academic background, usually graduate status, strong study skills and a willingness to learn. You do not require any previous teaching experience as the course covers in detail teaching theory and methodology.


INTESOL Worldwide issues its awards through ALAP (Awarding Language Acquisition for Professionals), a specialist ESL awarding organisation based in the United Kingdom. All of the INTESOL courses have attained full accreditation from ALAP. You can read more details on the rigorous Standards of Accreditation set by ALAP.

What this means is that the online TEFL / TESOL courses run by INTESOL have external checks carried out on them to ensure the course materials and how they are administered meet their high standard. Bi-annual inspections are carried out to make sure this standard is maintained and you can be confident that you are receiving a worthwhile qualification that will be recognized by employers around the world.

“The world of education is often marred by questionable certification of academic courses. In order to differentiate between genuine, professional qualifications and those that are produced for commercial gain, it is essential that education companies provide accredited certification. Accreditation is the recognition by an external body that a course and/or training provider has met a certain set of standards and best practice. I am delighted to be associated with INTESOL as the company is an outstanding example of this best practice.”
Dr Paul Rogers MSc, PhD, FCoT, FIFL, FInstLM, FRSA, Member of ALAP Academic Panel

What studying an accredited course means for you

-You will receive the highest quality of training

-English schools worldwide will view you qualification above non accredited courses

-You will receive a certificate from INTESOL, accredited by ALAP (at no extra cost)

-You will also receive a course transcript from ALAP detailing the course contents you studied

-The course provider is inspected bi-annually to ensure high standards

-Your course provider is invested in quality and will provide an excellent service

-You will have more options when it comes to obtaining employment as an English teacher

Course duration

There are no set start dates for this course, when you are ready to begin you will be issued with login details and assigned a course tutor. If you like, you could start the course within 2 days from today. Once you have been issued log in details you can then begin working through the modules at your own pace.

There are approximately 190 hours worth of work in the course and most people complete the course within 4 months, however if you require more time that will not be a problem. If you can commit 3 hours a day to the course you can have it completed in 8 weeks or less.

Course contents – 190 hour course

Unit 1: Study Skills

(not assessed) – how best to organise your study time.

Pre Module Grammar

Self-assessed tasks with answers provided to help with Unit 2 The Study of English.

Unit 2: The Study of English

Module 1 – Grammar – tasks on the understanding of grammar, tense & structure – to be completed with the use of a grammar book.

Module 2 – Phonetics – tasks relating to the phonetic alphabet (given), stress & intonation.

Module 3 – Lexis – tasks relating to the presentation of vocabulary, compound words, word stems, language appropriacy & frequency.

Unit 3: The Teaching and Learning of ESOL

Module 1 – Basic Principles – answers from your own experience and the course materials on:

1) the blocks which may prevent learning

2) motivation

3) communicative competence.

Module 2 – Reading and Listening – tasks based on exploitation of authentic materials i.e. magazines, newspapers, radio broadcasts etc.

Module 3 – Speaking and Writing – tasks based as above but with a more productive bias – getting your students to produce language

Module 4 – Visual Aids – study of all the audio-visual aids available. Production of your own flashcards and aids to be used with a simple flannelgraph.

Module 5 – Error – looking at authentic student errors, classifying them, using a correction code, producing remedial exercises and improving your own practice.

Unit 4: Lesson Planning

Module 1 – Classroom Management – task relating to student teacher relationships and how to achieve genuine communication inside and outside the classroom.

Module 2 – Lesson Stages and Plans – putting all the above into a lesson; timing; warm-up; input; practice and production stages of your lessons.

Unit 5: Teaching Practice

Observation sessions.

Unit 6: Teaching Practice

Lesson Planning.

Unit 7: Teaching Practice

Observed, assessed teaching & feedback sessions.


Option 1 – Teaching Practice in a Language School

In addition to the online components of this course, you will also put what you learn into practice in a classroom with real students. The teacher practice component is one week in length, giving you the opportunity to observe experienced teachers and then to plan and teach your own classes. You will teach both small groups and one on one classes. This teaching practice is to real English students not to other people on your course. You will be observed by an experienced teacher and receive feedback.

“I really enjoyed the teaching practice. I was so nervous when I went but Jean and all the staff really put me at ease and were very helpful. I enjoyed the observation classes and then progressed to teaching. The whole experience was extremely worthwhile and to be recommended to anyone completing a TESOL teaching course. My thanks to all who made it possible. I will never forget it.”
Valerie Hanna

Teaching Practice Locations

  • INTESOL Shrewsbury, England
  • INTESOL Hong Kong
  • INTESOL Limassol, Cyprus

Option 2 – Teaching Practice Online

For those who are unable to attend any of the centers listed above, we have the option of doing real teaching practice to real students via a webcam online. INTESOL has a partnership with a leading education company, which specializing is delivering online English classes to students around the world.

This online teaching practice offers a flexible and low cost way to get real teaching practice, all you need is a computer, webcam, microphone, Skype and a decent internet connection. For your teaching practice you will first have the opportunity to observe a live online class. The teacher and students meet online using webcams, online materials and education software.You will then be provided with a topic to plan a lesson for by the Director of Studies. You will deliver your lesson online at the scheduled time and then receive feedback from your tutor. You will deliver a total of six 40 minute online lessons on different topics at different levels.

An example of a lesson you might be asked to teach:

Level: Elementary

Topic: Where I live

Target Structures: There is/are; prepositions of place; quantifiers- some, any, a few, a lot

Vocabulary: Relevant adjectives to describe a town/city; places/buildings in a town/city

Marking and feedback

There are 26 modules to complete covering various aspects of English language teaching methodology. The course uses a carefully structured approach with clear explanations, practical examples and useful strategies to be used in the classroom. At the end of each module there is a set of tasks to complete based on what you have studied. You then submit your tasks to your tutor online and will receive an assessment sheet back with corrections, advice and feedback. Additionally, this course contains a week of observing real classes and teaching at least 6 hours of your own classes to real English students.

Sample certificates

On successful completion of the course you will receive an INTESOL certificate and a course transcript.

Also included free in this course:

Games & Lessons Pack – A comprehensive course including over 30 hours of English language games and lesson plans for you to use in class. The material was compiled by qualified teacher trainers for INTESOL students.


Access to the best teaching jobs worldwide

You can begin interviewing for English teaching jobs ( worldwide while you are studying towards your INTESOL certificate. We have a dedicated team of recruiters who will provide you with detailed job descriptions, city guides, visa information and will assist it setting up interviews with suitable schools. 100% of INTESOL graduates have gone on to secure a paid teaching job, we have never had a single graduate not find employment as a teacher.

Course fee

At the moment we are offering a 30% discount off the standard course price.

Standard price: £690 (British pounds)
Discounted price: £490 (British pounds)
To convert this into your local currency, click here.

Put down a deposit of £125 today to secure your position on the course at this reduced rate and take your first step to becoming an accredited English language teacher.

You can choose to pay the total course fee in monthly installments or all at once. If you choose to pay in installments they will be structured as follows:

– Pay the deposit of £125 to secure your position on the course
– Make the first installment payment of £175 pounds when you want to begin the course
– Make a final installment payment of £250 pounds one month after you have started the course

Or upgrade to the:

INTESOL 220 hour Online Certificate in TESOL with Teaching Practice