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Interviews with teachers in China

So what is it really like living and teaching in China? It’s a big step to pack up and move here so it is always useful to hear some stories from teachers currently living in China. These series of interviews will provide you with more details about the life of real English teachers in China and about the jobs they do. They share their experiences and stories about life inside and outside the classroom, their first impressions of China, a typical day teaching English at their schools, resources available, favourite classes and some of the adventures they have had in China so far.

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 Teacher School City  Picture
Sean Healy English First Chongqing
Robin Watts Wall Street English Shanghai Robin head
Anna Reynolds Jobzella Saudi Arabia Anna
Darren Ralphs Shane English Shanghai
Jodie Dumas York English Fuzhou Photo 5
Amr Eid EF Xuzhou Xuzhou Photo 7
Sergey Kozlovtsev Shanghai University Shanghai Photo 7
Luigi Carletti EF Hangzhou Hangzhou Photo 7
Zhara Fernandez Best Learning Beijing
Matt Fletcher English First Taizhou
Tre Tennyson Rainbow Station Shenzhen
Jeremy Arden Disney English Hangzhou
Ashleigh English First Qingdao
Cassandra English First Harbin
Reginald Leneus English First Taiyuan
Liv Conroy Kindergarten Nanhai liv conroy
Daniel Menges English First Chengdu liv conroy
Katie Evans Language School Foshan photo
James Language School Taipei
Maureen Clément Language School Beijing
Mark Bline International School Shenzhen
David West International School Vietnam
Glen Cullen English First Changshu
Neil Noland Kid Castle Shanghai
Mary McGowen Disney English Beijing
Janis Language School Shanghai
Luke Bosworth English First Chongqing
Vish Gamage Longman School Beijing
Heather High School Qingdao
Paula Marcu English First Shijiazhuang
Paul Hodges English First Chongqing
James Johnson Language School Shanghai
Cassi Carlee Shane English Wuhan
Tamlyn Grey English First Wuxi
Andrew Ho-Lung English First Shijiazhuang
Maarten van de Meer English First Hefei
Jake Language School Zhenjiang
Kathleen Richard Shane English Pingyang
Nicole Holt Adult School Suzhou
Paul Orlowicz English First Tianjin
Simon Moore Adult School Shenzhen
Jackie Gochenouer English First Jinhua
Michelle Language School Taipei
David Kung Test Prep Center Beijing
Amanda Sinclair York School Fuzhou
Anne Burley Test Prep Center Shanghai
Kelly Miller English First Shijiazhuang
Tyler Davenport Test Prep Center Shanghai
Danielle Shane English Pingyang
Yohana Mendez Longman School Beijing
Amy Perry Language School Dalian
Mary Robison Language School Shanghai
Elizabeth Grenon English First Daqing
Patricia Language School Beijing
Christian Austin English First Qinhuangdao
Jolene Perkins English First Tianjin
Scott Lao Language School Nanning
Stephen Pang International School Shenzhen
Nelson Choi English First Zhangjiagang
Richard Longmire-Bowns Wall Street English Guangzhou Richard at Wall Street Guangzhou - Photo
Phil Valvo Language School Taipei

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