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Jordan Conrad is a Guest Writer.

5 Ways to Correct a Run-on Sentence

At one point or another, everyone has fallen victim to the run-on sentence. This error is one that creeps its way into our work and masquerades itself as a complete sentence. A lot of writers have trouble with run-on sentences—especially those freshly learning English. Students have a particularly hard time with run-ons—and [...]

2018-05-24T08:52:55+00:00April 1st, 2015|Articles, Teaching|1 Comment

5 Common English Mistakes to Avoid

Learning English can, at times, be a daunting task. Of all the languages in the world, English is not always the most straightforward, and for newcomers not having any immersion in the language, it can be that much more difficult. In this post, I want to highlight five of the most common [...]

2018-05-24T08:52:55+00:00February 4th, 2015|Articles, Teaching|2 Comments
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