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Brendan O'Shea is an EFL teacher, freelance writer, and wannabe world traveler living in Shenzhen, China. Between exploring new destinations, Brendan enjoys reading, playing chess, and following sports. Follow his teaching and traveling journey on Twitter and Instagram, or read up on his experiences on his personal blog: Teach and Travels!

Transitioning Into Life on the Other Side of the World

Moving from the United States to China is about as drastic of a move as possible, at least in terms of distance. Every aspect of your life endures a necessary transition as you adjust to your new home. From trivial to significant matters and everything in between, there will certainly be some [...]

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Comparing Teaching in America with Teaching in China

At its core, teaching will be the same regardless of where you are. Your primary goal as an educator is to transfer knowledge to your students in the most effective ways possible. However, effective methods of pedagogy are relative to many factors, including students’ ages, class sizes, classroom management, and certainly [...]

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Where to Go In Shenzhen and Beyond

Despite a population of over twelve million, Shenzhen, China is still very much a city in the midst of prosperous growth. The former fishing village of a few dozen thousand has been bursting at the seams ever since being designated as China’s first Special Economic Zone forty years ago. Today, “the [...]

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