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The People’s Republic of China is a very large country indeed with a population of over 1,300,000,000 people making up over 20% of the world’s population, with 22 provinces stretching over 9.6 million km2 of land, China’s vast size gives it a wide variety of landscapes and climates which gives you an amazing array of options when deciding where to teach in China. Mandarin Chinese (普通话) is the official language and is spoken by the majority of Chinese people. Simplified Chinese characters, for the written language, were implemented by the government in 1956 becoming the official standard throughout the country.

While everyone has heard of Beijing and Shanghai, China has many other exciting cities each with a unique character. We have opportunities to teach in China at major cities across the country. The capital cities of most provinces in China have large populations, decent sized expat communities and plenty going on in terms of entertainment, food from around the world and modern amenities. Suzhou, Tianjin, Wuhan, Chongqing and Guangzhou for example, all have a population of over 4 million and are exciting destinations for ESL jobs in China. So while teaching in Beijing and Shanghai remains popular, there are plenty more options for you to choose from.

Our schools are located all over China so whether you prefer to teach English in the hustle and bustle of a modern city along the east coast, a warmer climate further south or something a bit more off the beaten track, you will be able to teach in China at a location best suited to you.

Teach in China – Detailed City Guides

Each of our China city guides includes details about the city, the map location, links to related information and a YouTube video. Take some time to find out more about the major cities our schools are located in by clicking below. Let us know where you would most like to teach in China and we send you details of suitable teaching positions.

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Teach in China – Salary Details

For details about the salary and compensation packages offered when you teach in China, including flight allowances to help cover your relocation costs, housing allowances, bonuses, holidays, health insurance and a range of other benefits, click here.

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