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Make the most of your time in China

The Disney English salary you will receive is extremely competitive in comparison with other ESL jobs in China which allows for a very comfortable lifestyle in China. Disney English trainers find they can really make the most of their time living and teaching English in China and have plenty of money for shopping, eating out regularly and traveling. Depending on your spending habits you will most likely be able to save between 20 – 50% of your Disney English salary and it is relatively easy to send money home if need be. We will happily give you more details on the procedure for sending money abroad when we receive your application.

Cost of living in China is still low so food shopping, entertainment, haircuts, mobile phone bills and other monthly expenses are not a major drain on your income.

Disney English Compensation Package for ESL Jobs in China

  • 10,000 to 15,000 RMB monthly salary (depending on qualifications and experience)
  • 3,000 to 4,850 RMB monthly housing allowance (depending on location)
  • Paid airfare to China up front and a monthly travel stipend toward return trip
  • 7,000 RMB training bonus (paid on week 3)
  • Legal ‘Z’ work visa
  • 10 days paid annual holiday, plus 11 days paid Chinese national holidays
  • Free hotel provided for up to 3 weeks on arrival in China
  • Initial 1 week training course as well as on-going professional development
  • Eligibility for additional quarterly incentive based upon overall Center performance
  • Health/Dental Insurance
  • TEFL-C certification
  • ‘Rosetta Stone’ Mandarin Chinese license

Disney English salary

Disney English trainer 10,000 – 15,000 RMB per month (roughly 1,600 – 2,400 USD)
Disney English senior trainer 12,500 RMB per month (roughly 2,000 USD)
Language Learning Director 18,000 RMB per month (roughly 2,800 USD)

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The Disney English salary is paid on a monthly basis in Chinese currency known as Renminbi / RMB or ‘yuan’ for short.

Housing allowance

All Disney English trainers receive a monthly housing allowance on top of the Disney English salary paid. The allowance is between 3000 – 4,850 RMB per month and the exact amount depends on which Disney center you are located in. If you are looking to teach English in Shanghai, the apartment prices are somewhat higher than somewhere like Chengdu, for example, and the housing allowance reflects this.

The housing allowance provided is more than enough for renting a modern, decent sized and furnished apartment within a short walk from the Disney English center. Some trainers decide to share with another trainer and split the cost of housing while others prefer to rent their own place. If your housing allowance is 4,000 RMB and you decide to spend just 2,500 RMB on an apartment the surplus is yours to save.

Disney English offers assistance with finding accommodation and will put you in touch with English speaking rental agencies and offer translation and assistance if need be. We can give you more information on average rental prices for various locations in China once we receive your application.

Flight allowance

Disney English books and pays for your plane ticket to China no matter where you are currently located in the world. The flight ticket is paid for up front by Disney English and no deductions will be made from your future pay. Disney English will also reimburse up to 700 US dollars towards a return flight ticket after your 12 month contract is complete. Disney are one of the few companies to pay for up front flight tickets for ESL jobs in China.

On arrival

The Disney English initial orientation and training program for all ESL jobs in China is second to none. On arrival you will be put up in a hotel for 3 weeks, all paid for by Disney English. During the first week you will be given a TEFL-C (Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Children) training course by industry professionals.

The training will cover the Disney English teaching methods and materials as well as using Disney interactive whiteboards and digital content. On completion of the course you will be awarded a Disney English TEFL-C certificate and will be fully ready to begin teaching in China at your allocated city.

Sign-on bonus

All new Disney English trainers receive a sign on bonus of 7,000 RMB (roughly 1,000 USD). This is paid on week three and is really useful for purchasing anything needed for your new apartment and settling in comfortably to life in a new city. A lot of other ESL jobs in China do not offer a sign-on bonus.


All Disney English trainers have 11 days holiday for the Chinese National Holidays as well as 10 additional days holiday, 5 of which are set by the center and 5 of which trainers can take when they like.

Disney English Salary - ESL Jobs in China

Legal work visa for ESL jobs in China

Before arrival, Disney English will arrange all the paperwork needed for trainers to acquire a legal ‘Z’ work visa. Disney is fully licensed to issue visas for ESL jobs in China. Once the paperwork is ready they will be send to you via registered mail and you will take them to your nearest Chinese embassy along with an application form, your passport and a photo. You will then be issued with a Chinese work visa within 3 days and can then enter the country and begin work. With a work visa you can legally live and work in China for 12 months. You can leave and enter the country as many times as you like during this period. If you decide to renew your contract for a second year it is relatively easy to renew your work visa. Disney English will take care of the paperwork and the process takes no longer than 2 weeks.

On arrival in China, all trainers will undergo a medical examination and receive their Residence Permit.

Legal Z Work Visa for ESL Jobs in China

Health insurance

Included with all ESL jobs in China, is a comprehensive health insurance policy which includes dental coverage. The policy will commence from the start of the employment contract.


For all ESL jobs in China with Disney English, trainers are be eligible for performance related bonuses throughout the contract term. These will be based on appraisals conducted by the Learning Language Director throughout the year.

Learning Mandarin

All new Disney English trainers will receive a copy of the ‘Rosetta Stone’ computer based Mandarin language course, an excellent resource that will help get you familiarised with basic Mandarin Chinese.

Disney English is looking for dedicated ESL trainers with a real passion and energy in the classroom and as such the Disney English salary and benefits package offered is extremely generous. If you meet the requirements and are looking to teach English in China at a center where your creativity will be valued and your teaching will make a real difference to learners lives,  apply now by clicking below for the very best in ESL jobs in China and an experience you will never forget.

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