Disney English Teaching Jobs in China

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Disney English – Job Description

Disney English is recruiting experienced ESL professionals with a playful and adventurous spirit for teaching jobs in China. Disney English jobs focus on delivering engaging, active and inspiring English lessons to learners aged 2 to 12 years old through a variety of activities and interactions.

The focus for a Disney English trainer is to encourage communication in English in a natural and fun way. Storytelling, designed specifically for ESL classrooms, is one of the main methods used to engage learners in the learning process. The language in the story can be broken down, studied and used by learners in a way they can relate to.

The trainer also makes use of role plays and drama as a way of allowing learners to express themselves in English and practice the language being studied. Chinese learner can be shy and reluctant to make mistakes. Taking on a role and acting it out in a fun, supportive environment helps simulate real-world scenarios in the classroom as well as helping to build their confidence in using English.

Disney English Teaching Jobs in China

Songs are also seen as an important part of the learning process for teaching jobs in China with Disney English. Courses feature songs throughout, aimed at reinforcing the target language of that particular class. This offers a good opportunity for repetition in a memorable and fun way. Learners go home singing the songs and retain the language that much better.

The Ideal Candidate for Teaching Jobs in China

The ideal Disney English trainer will be out-going, full of energy and feel comfortable taking charge of a group of children. At all levels, young learners respond to positive encouragement and support so patience and a genuine care for the well-being and progress of each learner is also vital when teaching English in China.

Each learner will have his or her individual learning needs, preferences and personality so it is important for the trainer to be able to relate well to individual learners and be aware that what works well for one learner may not for the next.

The China Adventure

For trainers who have yet to experience living and teaching in China it is important to realize the culture, beliefs and general ways of doing things can be different from what they are used to. It is important for a Disney English trainer to be open minded in their dealings with locals. It helps if you have the desire to experience other cultures and to interact with politeness and respect.

Disney English teaching jobs in China will involve working alongside not only Chinese staff but also other trainers from all over the world. This is one of the things that makes the position so exciting and it is important to note that team work and the ability to get along with people from a variety of backgrounds is essential.

Main Responsibilities – Teaching Jobs in China

  • Maximum of 24 hours of teaching per week
  • Deliver curriculum with energy and enthusiasm, using immersive learning techniques such as -story-telling, singing, dialogue and role playing in combination with formal exercises
  • Communicate with learners in an engaging, age-appropriate way, ensuring that language learning is both effective and fun
  • Measure progress and educational results through the delivery of formal and informal assessments and progress reports
  • Collect audio & visual portfolio material of learners’ work and progress during lessons to share with parents
  • Partner closely with Assistant Trainers to maintain strong relationships with parents, ensuring high level of program engagement and outstanding service, by communicating both in person and through our online portal
  • Contribute to Center’s success by leading engaging demonstrations of Disney English lessons for potential learners and their parents
  • Participate in various marketing and referral events to drive learner enrollment as needed
  • Ensure classes are run efficiently and start and end, as scheduled
  • Prepare print materials, technology and supplemental materials prior to the start of each lesson
  • Deliver private lessons as required, due to learner absences or for learners that are falling behind
  • Contribute to overall Center success by ensuring consistently high learner renewal rates, through the delivery of great service and measurable learner progress

Disney English Language Learning Director (LLD)

Disney English is looking for exceptional Language Learning Directors (LLDs) to manage all academic operations inside Disney English Language Learning Centers. The LLD will be responsible for managing the foreign and local trainers and overall program delivery, ensuring that Disney English is an unforgettable experience in the classroom for all our young language learners, aged 2 to 12.

LLD – Main Responsibilities

  • Motivate staff and support continuous development of skills needed to deliver an academically effective and engaging language learning experience
  • Ensure consistency in academic excellence experience by observing lessons regularly, and providing constructive coaching and development to Trainers
  • Provide ongoing leadership to Trainers, delivering timely and constructive feedback, in addition to comprehensive performance reviews at company determined intervals
  • Ensure swift and successful resolution to any academic, operational and/or personnel issues as they arise
  • Ensure that comprehensive learner records are maintained by each Trainer in both print and electronic format through occasional audits and on-going training assessments
  • Conduct ongoing staff meetings to communicate all changes in the academic delivery or content and resolve all pertinent learner and classroom management issues
  • Oversee the classroom schedules for all Trainers to deliver optimal staff utilization based on the number of enrolled learners
  • Provide coverage for absent Trainers, and deliver lesson content to learners as needed
  • Collaborating with the Center Manager, support the Marketing and Sales teams in meeting new learner enrollment targets, participating in academic and sales events within the Center

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