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Access to the very best teaching jobs in China

Jim AlthansGold Star TEFL Recruitment is an English owned and managed teacher placement company with close connections to the leading schools across China. We offer a professional, honest and reliable service and to date have assisted hundreds of teachers to secure the very best jobs. All the schools we work with offer clearly laid out contracts, a legal work visa, ongoing teacher training and a generous package so you can start your China teaching adventure with the confidence that all is taken care of.

Founded by a former teacher and Director of Studies with over 12 years of experience in the TEFL industry in China, Gold Star TEFL Recruitment is in a unique position to offer you unbiased advice and support throughout your job hunting process.

Our services are completely free of charge from start to finish.

A few words from our teachers

We stay in contact with our teachers throughout their time teaching in China and always appreciate their feedback and stories. Have a read through some interviews with current teachers in our “Talking To Teachers” series, sharing their experience living and teaching in China. See also some articles from Gold Star staff and some of our current teachers as well as some testimonials from a selection of the teachers we have helped find jobs for.

Jim – Director of Recruitment

Jim grew up in England where he graduated with a degree in Economics & Marketing and then went on to qualify as an English teacher in 2003. He has taught in England, Egypt, China and Taiwan and worked as Director of Studies for 2 years at a busy language school in Wenzhou, China. Jim set up Gold Star TEFL Recruitment in early 2009 after realising that schools in China often need assistance with hiring quality English teachers and that teachers looking to move to China would also benefit from a dedicated team to help them find the good jobs.

Jim has interviewed hundreds of English teachers and has seen time and time again the positive influence a good teacher can make on their students’ lives. Jim is committed to doing his part to provide Chinese students of all ages with the best possible English education by placing exceptional teachers at the China’s top schools.

A question for Jim

Q: What do teachers place above all else when looking for a new teaching job?
This is a question I have asked many experienced teachers. I’m sure you have asked yourself the same question before. I will also assume that you are well aware that there are many exceptional schools out there, many diabolical ones and everything in between. The answers to the above question aren’t particularly surprising. People are looking for a school that cares about its staff and students. They are looking for experienced management who can offer the support and resources to allow them to do the best job they can. They are looking for a decent salary along with a generous package. They require a legal working visa and insurance. And they want to be happy in the city they live in and with the people they work with.

These are all very reasonable requirements and if met, lead to rewarding teaching and a satisfying job as a whole. I am committed to putting teachers in contact with these jobs, these exceptional schools, through my knowledge of the job market and the contacts I have built up over the past 7 years in the TEFL industry.
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