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I can only speak positively about my experience dealing with Aidan and Gold Star TEFL Recruitment and would not hesitate to recommend them to any prospective EFL teacher interested in teaching in China.
I spoke with several recruitment agencies in the process of securing what is my first teaching position in China but Gold Star really stood out. In addition to demonstrating a high degree of professionalism and efficiency Aidan was also very personable which I found invaluable considering what a potentially life changing decision it is moving to China. Furthermore, I was very impressed by the quality of the schools that I spoke to via Gold Star – all of which were subject to positive appraisals when I spoke to their existing EFL teachers.
James Dollimore

In seeking work in China from Australia, I had an excellent experience with Gold Star TEFL Recruitment. Initially I applied for a Director of Studies position for an English Training School. Aidan not only encouraged me with my application, but brought to my attention a number of other positions that were available within the same organisation. One in particular, a Project Manager job for a cluster of schools, caught my eye. Jim then took over. His interview style was friendly, relaxed, and professional. He organised a further interview with this organisation which resulted in me securing the position I wanted. At all stages in this process, the communication from Gold Star was prompt, clear, relaxed, professional and supportive.
Antony Ley

I had been searching for my first role as a TEFL teacher for a few months before I contacted Jim at Gold Star TEFL Recruitment. I sent in a resumé to him and the response was instant. He was professional and forwarded my details to the people that mattered, and overnight I saw an immediate response- five separate schools in China were interested in me and wanted to interview.
Previously, I was lucky to hear back within a week, now I had five interested schools in less than a day!
I had two successful interviews with EF Shijiazhuang, and even though I have never met Jim personally, I owe finding my particular, and fantastic job, almost entirely to him. He knew where to look and who to contact, and placed my needs quickly and efficiently to the needs of recruiters, and also provided me with a great deal of choice in my role which was missing beforehand. I highly recommend using Gold Star TEFL Recruitment – I had almost given up on TEFL jobs in China, but he showed me the best way of finding them. My current job is amazing and I would not be here without Gold Star.
Alex Lovell

Aidan was very helpful throughout the entire process of finding a teaching position in China. He worked hard to find a school that worked best for me, and gave me speedy and full responses to any questions I had. Once we found a school, he helped me through the interview process and after I was hired, still checked up on me to make sure everything was going smoothly. Finding a teaching position in China was much easier and less stressful with Aidan’s help.
Jackie Gochenouer

I would just like to relate my personal experience regarding my dealings with Aidan and Gold Star TEFL Recruitment. I was specifically looking for a position in Shenzhen with an emphasis teaching on Business English to both private and corporate clients. As my brief was quite narrow I sent applications directly to a number of potential employers as well as to Gold Star.

It was Gold Star who were first to contact me and shortly after my resume was sent Aidan quickly arranged an interview with a prospective employer. The interview was successful and the position matched my requirements so I accepted the job. Ironically this position was with a company who I had also approached directly, and had received no response. Not only is Gold Star proactive in finding appropriate teaching positions but clearly they have close relationships and subsequent influence with many employers in China. In my case this was the difference between finding the right job and being overlooked.

I am now working for METEN in Shenzhen and it feels like I have made a good choice. The school is very modern and professionally run, so I am sure that I will enjoy my time here. Thanks very much for your help in locating this opportunity for me.
Philip Levine

As an experienced lawyer taking a career break, I was interested in the possibility of teaching English in China. I contacted Jim Althans of Gold Star TEFL Recruitment and emailed him my CV and the necessary documents. Within 10 days I had received two excellent and very suitable job offers. After that I was guided by the school and Jim every step of the way to obtaining a visa and starting work. The whole process was professional and stress free. I have now been in China for six months and am having a fantastic time, combining teaching English to some of the world’s largest companies with learning Mandarin and enjoying a great and refreshingly different quality of life. I am delighted to recommend the excellent service offered by Jim Althans and Gold Star TEFL Recruitment.
Alastair Clive

Jim and Gold Star TEFL Recruitment have been fantastic at helping me find a position teaching in China. Jim has been patient and provided plenty of information and given a lot of his time in helping me choose between schools and cities. As a newly qualified teacher, I can’t recommend Gold Star more highly as they have all the professional services and contacts available at their fingertips. Jim is friendly and experienced in the ESL sector and this has been of great reassurance to me as I embark on a new career in China.
Rohun Gupta

I had an excellent experience being recruited by Jim. Initially I talked to a lot of schools before choosing one from Gold Star. Jim had thorough knowledge of the TEFL industry and answered all my questions. He made the process easy and enjoyable. I haven’t regretted my decision and have enjoyed the two years I have been working in China. He delivered on all his promises I highly recommend him!!!
Dan Leary

I’ve known Jim as a recruiter and friend for almost 3 years now and I can say that he’s a top notch guy who is friendly, honest, and hardworking. He’s been in the ESL industry for over 6 years so he knows quite a bit about the ESL job market.
Jim doesn’t sugarcoat, and is very honest in his recruiting dealings (including my own). I had already taught in China for a year and was looking for a new employer in June 2008. Having previously known Jim, I felt very lucky that I had that inside track to good solid information. I had other options in choosing where I worked, but Jim was the most friendly, proactive, and forthcoming in the recruitment process.
James Goode

Jim called me shortly after I applied to teach in China. He was very professional, but also presented himself in a quite friendly and personal manner. After telling me about himself and asking me key questions regarding my resume, Jim set me at ease by telling me basically everything there was to know about my job, the school, and life in China.
By the time I hung up the phone, I realized that he had spent almost the entire conversation cheerfully answering all of my questions! He told me what to expect- good and bad; he told me about all the great places to go, as well as the places to stay away from; he gave me all of the information on what the school has to offer; and he explained what the school would expect from me.
David Bailey

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