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As of last week we now have a nice bit of software installed on the website which allows us to have live chats with visitors directly on the site. Much like an MSN Messenger or Skype built straight into the site, if we are logged on and available a message box will pop up when you visit. It’s proved really useful so far and we’ve had a lot of people ask questions on topics such as getting a visa for China, salaries in China or different teaching locations in China.


At times when we are not available to chat, you will be given the option of leaving a message which is sent to our inbox. So if you have any questions about teaching English in China, there is always a way to get in touch.




  1. Anthony Johnston says:

    I just have a question about my current employer. I have been working for this school for over 3 years now and my contract is about to come to an end. I was originally planning on staying for my fourth year at this school but due to the first year teachers being on a different contract than me are now making about the same salary as me on a third year contract. And further more many of the teachers have been having issues with getting paid. I therefore felt in my best interest that after completing my current contract that I would find a new job. My boss was not pleased to hear this because he was under the impression i would stay for another year. I still to this date not signed a new contract stating that I would stay after my current contract is finished. Upon hearing that I did not wish to resign my contract for another full year my boss has threatened to blacklist me which I was just informed would blacklist my name throughout all of China, making it near impossible to find another job in China for 2 years.
    I was hoping that I could get some suggestions how to go about this situation. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Anthony Johnston

    • Jim says:

      Hi Anthony,

      Thanks for the message. I highly doubt he is able to ‘blacklist’ you, especially as you have done nothing wrong and have not broken your contract. He could however, hold back on providing you with a release letter which would mean you couldn’t switch your current work visa over to your new school and instead the new school would have to apply for a fresh work visa from scratch.

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