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How to hire English teachers

Gold Star TEFL Recruitment is often asked by schools for advice on hiring ESL teachers. ESL teacher recruitment can be a tough process for any school. It is also essential to get it right if you are going to build a strong teaching team and a successful school. Below are a few tips for recruiting ESL teachers. Once you have effective procedures in place you will find it easy to replicate in the future and will enjoy consistently positive results.

Advice for recruiting ESL teachers in China

  • With a lot of competition for good teachers in the ESL recruitment industry these days, speed is key. Schools that wait 5 days until they first reply to an email will likely not get a response. Don’t leave emails in your inbox for more than a day. Teachers generally talk to 3 to 6 schools before making a decision and if they get a good offer they will usually take it rather than hold out for a better one. Set up an interview as soon as possible and if you like the candidate, offer a job soon after.
  • In your first email to the teacher, provide plenty of information about your courses, school, job, salary, package and the city. Often teachers don’t have much to differentiate one school from another so providing as much information as possible really helps to make your school stand out. Including colourful photos of the school, students, city and accommodation goes a very long way as well.
  • Put some time into developing a nice e-brochure for your school. Something with a professional look including details on the school, courses, students, teaching materials as well as interviews with current teachers, information on what to do in the city and province and cost of living. Once it is made you can use it forever so it is worth hiring a graphic designer to make it look really professional.
  • Provide candidates with the email addresses of a couple of current teachers so they can find out about the day to day life of a teacher at your school. This will really help to make them feel comfortable with their decision to work for you and help them get a real feel for what life is like working at your school.
  • The interview should not be a tough session of Q&A but rather a chance to build a strong rapport and develop questions into a conversation. Remember teachers are making a decision that will change their lives completely, changing not just jobs but house and country too. Half the interview should be geared around their teaching while the other half should be telling them all they need to know about the job and life in China.
  • A few hours after the interview, send a follow up email with a summary of what was discussed. If you like the candidate, send a job offer out 1 or 2 days later.
  • Once the teacher accepts make sure to keep in contact with them with updates on how the visa application process is going. You can also introduce them, via email, to other teachers due to arrive at the same time and ask them to write a bit introducing themselves. If your school has a newsletter or any interesting events, send the teachers a brief overview and some pictures. When they do arrive they will already feel part of the team and will settle in more easily.

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