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Schools in China – A Modern Approach to Learning

Gone are the days of blackboards and rows of wooden desks. All the language schools in China we represent have a bright, modern design with up to date technology and a welcoming atmosphere.

Modern day language schools in China have spacious and comfortable classrooms and are equipped with computers and interactive, touch screen whiteboards which make for a truly stimulating learning environment and allow the teacher to bring the class to life with a variety of engaging activities.

The teachers room at schools in China

Teachers rooms are packed with a variety of teaching resources including games, toys, flashcards and everything else you need to plan exciting and engaging classes. Computers are all connected to the school network so for example, if you have photos saved on your computer in the teachers room, you can access them on any of the computers in the classrooms too. Clean work spaces and plenty of storage areas help to keep everything organized and in place.

More than just classrooms

Our schools in China are also fitted with hi-tech computer labs, social lounges for the adult students and specially designed rooms for performances and shows. Students don’t just learn inside the classroom but have a variety of learning environments which allow for a stimulating experience which appeals to all learning styles. Take your class to the computer lab for internet research on a topic being studied or have them write and perform an end of term show for their parents. The modern language school in China is a truly immersive environment where students have access to a range of learning environments and can feel comfortable and relaxed as they study.

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