Why I Like Teaching Teenagers

Teenagers: They can be moody, constantly tired and at times, difficult to motivate. I can’t think why, as my experiences with them have been positive so far (and that’s probably why I like teaching English to teenagers). They understand my jokes and are happy to share their opinions on a range of topics [...]

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6 Cleverly Wicked Ways of Teaching English

A single online search is enough for you to understand that English teachers are needed all over the world. You have plenty of opportunities to travel, help people learn English, make a living, and do what you love in the meantime: teach. There’s a catch, though: no school wants to hire a teacher [...]

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Behavior Management

As a new teacher, one of the hardest aspects of teaching in a younger classroom is dealing with behavior management. Some people can natural detect, diffuse, and deal with a problem within the classroom that pertains to the students. Others of us aren’t as naturally keen and are sometime reluctant to discipline. A [...]

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