Reward Systems: The Key to Motivated Students and Classroom Management

When I came to China as an inexperienced new teacher, I was ready for an adventure. I’d completed all the modules in my TEFL courses and felt like I had learned a lot, but I was worried about classroom management. The thought buzzed around my head like a fly as I sat on the plane, [...]

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The Ultimate Primary School Survival Guide in 8 Easy Steps

I thought I was ready. It was the middle of my fourth week teaching primary school in Shenzhen at 5:12pm in the convenience store at the bottom of my apartment building. This was not my first visit here, nor was it my first time stopping here immediately after work buying just one thing: [...]

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5 Ways Students Benefit from Qualitative Art Education

We all perceive the importance of art in education, don’t we? On the other hand, the cost matters still can squeeze studies in visual arts, music, dancing, cinema and theatre out the school curriculum. What is the actual importance of art in educational institutions? From the ancient times, art sets a special place [...]

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