The Importance of Public Libraries for English Language Learning

With the American population becoming ever diverse, many second language learners find themselves faced with the daunting task of identifying the right methods. For individuals whose primary language is English, it is often easy to pick up a second language through middle school, high school and beyond. Yet, those who travel to America [...]

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Why I Like Teaching Teenagers

Teenagers: They can be moody, constantly tired and at times, difficult to motivate. I can’t think why, as my experiences with them have been positive so far (and that’s probably why I like teaching English to teenagers). They understand my jokes and are happy to share their opinions on a range of topics [...]

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6 Cleverly Wicked Ways of Teaching English

A single online search is enough for you to understand that English teachers are needed all over the world. You have plenty of opportunities to travel, help people learn English, make a living, and do what you love in the meantime: teach. There’s a catch, though: no school wants to hire a teacher [...]

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