Life in China

8 Great Activities for Primary School Classrooms

My husband and I teach at a public primary school in Shenzhen, China. While the children are adorable and hilarious, teaching English to little kids can be challenging for several reasons. First, they have an overwhelming amount of energy. Second, they have short attention spans. The younger they are, the more often we [...]

6 Things I Can Afford in China I Can’t Afford in the West

People often associate traveling with spending money. However, when you live in China, the cost of living is so low that you can experience new cultures while keeping costs down. Here are a few things I treat myself to in China that I rarely considered splurging on in America. 1. Eating Out This [...]

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Cost of living – What’s a good salary in China?

The Money If you’re thinking about making the move to China to teach ESL, you will definitely want to consider where offers you the best salary and package of benefits. But these numbers can be deceiving and it’s hard to find out what those numbers mean when you’re on the other side [...]

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