5 Foods You Have to Eat While You’re in China

Whether or not you like the Chinese food you’ve eaten at Happy Garden or Golden Dragon or whatever your go-to takeout place back home is, throw all your preconceptions about Chinese food out the window and get ready for a varied and rich taste experience when you get to China. Oh, and [...]

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Helpful Tips for Teaching the Very Young

Teaching young learners is particularly rewarding and fun, but it can also be a lot of work, especially when you can’t communicate with them in their native tongue. Whether you’re teaching preschool or kindergarten, grade 1, or even classes at a training center, teaching young learners presents a special set of challenges. [...]

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Where to Travel During Chinese Summer Vacation

Only a few more months until summer vacation! Not that I’m counting or anything … If you teach in Chinese public schools, when the students are on holiday, so are you! Different schools have various vacation dates, but you should have roughly two months to do whatever you want during summer [...]

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