5 ESL Topics to Get Your Students Talking

As an ESL teacher in China, one thing that we all struggle with on more than one occasion is getting our students to speak. I can recall countless stories exchanged between me and my fellow expat teachers involving a well-planned lesson brought to its knees by silence. Often, the problem [...]

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Harbin Ice Festival – An Amazingly Cold Childhood Dream Come True

I decided to move to Shenzhen last May, but long before I signed my contract, I knew exactly what I would be doing during Spring Festival. As classes came to an end for the semester, I watched my friends plan trips to beautiful beaches, but I wasn’t jealous of their vacation [...]

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6 Tiny Cultural Differences to Expect in China

When you move to China, there are plenty of huge cultural differences to adjust to. A collectivistic culture. A hierarchical society. The importance of saving face. There are also countless tiny cultural difference between China and Western countries. Preparing for these changes will not only make your transition easier, it will [...]

2017-08-16T04:18:18+00:00 August 16th, 2017|Articles, Life in China|0 Comments
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