A Curious Cultural Difference: When “Thank You” Can Be Too Much

One of the first things we learn when we begin to learn a language is how to say “thank you.” This useful phrase can make us appear both charming and refined when interacting with people who barely know you and barely speak your own language. In English-speaking countries, it has become so [...]

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8 Great Activities for Primary School Classrooms

My husband and I teach at a public primary school in Shenzhen, China. While the children are adorable and hilarious, teaching English to little kids can be challenging for several reasons. First, they have an overwhelming amount of energy. Second, they have short attention spans. The younger they are, the more often we [...]

Reward Systems: The Key to Motivated Students and Classroom Management

When I came to China as an inexperienced new teacher, I was ready for an adventure. I’d completed all the modules in my TEFL courses and felt like I had learned a lot, but I was worried about classroom management. The thought buzzed around my head like a fly as I sat on the plane, [...]

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