6 Tiny Cultural Differences to Expect in China

When you move to China, there are plenty of huge cultural differences to adjust to. A collectivistic culture. A hierarchical society. The importance of saving face. There are also countless tiny cultural difference between China and Western countries. Preparing for these changes will not only make your transition easier, it will [...]

2017-08-16T04:18:18+00:00 August 16th, 2017|Articles, Life in China|0 Comments

Four Great Free Apps for Learning Mandarin Chinese

One of the most daunting issues to overcome when living in China is the dreaded language barrier. Sometimes, trying to express the simplest of things can be exhausting if both parties can barely squeak out a basic sentence in each other’s mother tongues. But now, there’s hope! Modern technology has greatly enhanced [...]

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Day Trips from Shenzhen: The Dafen Oil Painting Village

As summer approaches, teachers are looking for new and exciting things to do with their time off. Not everyone has full weekends to take trips out of the city (as some people work weekends at training centers or have private lessons to attend to), so here’s a suggestion for a trip that [...]

2017-07-19T07:56:55+00:00 July 19th, 2017|Articles, Life in China|0 Comments
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