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Teach English in China – with over 10 years experience in the ESL industry in China, we put teachers in contact with the very best public and private schools across China.

Teach communicative English to motivated adult students. (17,000 RMB + benefits)

Energetic young learner teachers wanted in the beautiful coastal city of Fuzhou

International kindergarten position in the southern city of Nanhai

Teach Adults English in Small Class Sizes in Vietnam

Teach young learners for the world’s largest private language school

Teach kids in Shanghai or Beijing – modern school and friendly team

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Hundreds of ESL teaching jobs in China, fully screened, updated daily.


Talking to Teachers in China

“I was a teacher in the UK and became despondent with the UK education system, a mundane and predictable social life. Now I live and work in Shanghai and would not want to be anywhere else.”
Robin Watts, Wall Street English Shanghai
“I had just finished university and was looking for something a bit different. Once I knew I wanted to teach English abroad the next step was completing the TEFL qualification.”
Liz Conroy, Nanhai Kindergarten
“Teaching English in Asia had always been on my list of things I wanted to do. I have had many friends who have tried their hand at teaching English at some point. All have had overwhelmingly positive experiences, many saying it was the most fun they ever had.”
Luke Bosworth, English First Chongqing
“I absolutely love Shanghai. As a foreigner, I can find everything I need and spend the day exploring new places and things. It’s a complete 50-50 mix of old China and new Western standards. I am so happy here.”
Janis, Starbugs Shanghai

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ESL Job Board

Hundreds of ESL teaching jobs in China, fully screened, updated daily.